Pain Perception

My experiences over the last few months have compelled me to write this today. After all Autism awareness is high on the agenda and in the UK the Autism strategy and Autism act are reference points for NHS bodies and CCG’s.
It will be really interesting to know how supported other autistic adults feel especially those with a late diagnosis. I recognise the complexity of my presentation but it is the suffering that an undiagnosed autistic person goes through that often sees them present with a mental or list of mental illnesses so why are services not commissioned to address this. The general mental health services may not always be suited to the autistic client group so where does this leave us post diagnosis?
I avoid hospitals like the plague but my last flare up was severe enough to have me make many trips to the hospital. As an autistic woman I have an altered perception of pain, so it may take sometime before my brain registers pain and I will endure situations that will have other people reeling. I lose the ability to communicate effectively most of the words are stuck inside my head. I am trying to hold it together and I am wondering why no one can see my distress. I appear stoic and I even sound different to myself. Most autistic people will suffer with high levels of pain because they are unable to convey their distress. When a person can verbally communicate a lot of assumptions are made about them and if they are autistic then they must have “mild autism”. That is a dangerous myth that sees many people suffer needlessly. Autism is a spectrum that often presents with other conditions but Autism is Autism and the needs of individuals may vary but autistic people are being failed every day because of the assumptions of non autistic people of what their needs and presentation should look like. Autism is not a disability but not supporting an autistic person in a world not set up for them is what disables them. #actuallyautistic #adhd #autismawareness #adultautism #autism #autismunderstanding #sensoryoverload #aspergers #pathologicaldemandavoidance #mentalillness #autismsupport #selfadvocacy #myneedsmatter #identity #differentnotless

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Identity 4422

Coming to terms with late diagnosis of Autistic spectrum disorder- Pathological Demand Avoidance Sub type. I also have severe ADHD and have battled depression and anxiety for most of my adult life. Well most of my life really. I am at complete burnout in my life;physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. My mental and physical health is pretty bad at the moment. However I have been through the darkest hours and I have made it alive. I have survived life in flight and flight mode. I have lived with extreme fear subconsciously all my life. Fear or failure, fear of getting found out. I have lived with shame. I tried to live up to the fantasy of what I thought life should look like in my head and my fantasy became my reality. In order to move forward with my life, I need to begin to live in my truth. But where do I start? I’m nearly 40 years old. I start by facing my demons fear and shame. When I asked the question who I’m I? The universe started a chain reaction and I’m starting to trust my journey. I believe that everything I have been through is in preparation of what is to come. You never know who resilient you are until you have to face the situation and I am grateful for my journey. I asked the question “what is my purpose” the universe started a chain reaction. My life is like an unfinished jigsaw, every piece is one step closer to the complete masterpiece. I am Autistic I am a work in progress

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